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Newest Hawkeye Little Pilot 3 FPV Monitor 5 inch 800×480 Monitor LED Backlight Screen FPV Monitor Photography for Ground Station


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    Newest Hawkeye Little Pilot 3 FPV Monitor 5 inch 800×480 Monitor LED Backlight Screen FPV Monitor Photography for Ground Station




    Specially designed for aerial photography system, Sharp Vision all-in-one monitor has the following features:
    High brightness:  700 Lux.
    Dual receiver: built-in dual receivers.
    No delay/anti blue screen/anti black screen: the system won’t cause any delay in receiving signal; blue screen or black screen will definitely not occur.
    Auto/manual channel scan: no need for DIP switch.

    Note: Three display resource types of this monitor are: FPV interface, External video input interface.

    Voltage indicator: input voltage value is displayed; Display from 3.3V to 4.2V.
    Audio indicator: Display the current state of a sound
    Time indicator: monitor running time is displayed.
    Signal strength indicator: the strength of both the signals received by ANT1 and ANT2 is displayed.





    Press LEFT or RIGHT button to enter system setting, 3 options are provided: AUTO/ PAL/NTSC. If AUTO selected, the input video system will be automatically identified. System setting will cause display failure.
        Menu opening and hiding
    Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Range: C1-C3.
    Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Range: 1-40.

    Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Range: 1-40.

    Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Range: 1-40.

    Adjust Color Burst to get colorful image. Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Range: P0-P7.

    Control buttons: LEFT (-), RIGHT (+).Options: Chinese/English.

    Black light:
    Adjust LED light brightness, Auto, High, Low.

    Reset values to default.

    Auto Channel Search
    Press “+ button” to start auto channel search. The channel with the strongest signal will be chosen.

    Channel switching

    there can be showed by long pressing “- button”
    Battery Charging
    Connect the machine to a phone charger using the included USB cable. Using 1A charger or turning off the machine will increase the charging rate. The Charging Status Light remains ON while the battery is charging and it will turn OFF when the battery is fully charged.

    Not able to search channels automatically:
    Auto channel scan only functions in the FPV interface.  
    The video displayed is black-and-white:
    Check whether the camera output is black-and-white (some cameras  might automatically shift to black-and-white in low-light conditions)
    Can not start after connected to power:
    First fully charge the battery, Check whether the battery power is enough.
    No channel can be received:
    Install antennas, and move the monitor close to the 5.8 GHz transmitter.
    Connect video signal to the transmitter.
    Check whether the channel provided by the transmitter is one of those listed in the channels-able-to-be-received-table; check with other channels.
    Voltage and time do not display:
    In the menu to observe the “menu” option is for the “ON” ,shows the hidden window.
    Reset machine settings in menus


    There may be some deviation due to manual measurement.
    The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.
    We provide you with the best product and service. If you have any problem, please let us know, and we will solve the problem ASAP. Thank you so much.


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